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About Us

SAFAL ACADEMY has been started keeping in mind – ENGLISH HAS POWER whose AIM is to Teach ONLY PRACTICAL ENGLISH. SAFAL ACADEMY is First Indian Company in EDUCATION Field Whose Trainer, Writer, Author & Publisher is the same Mr. Ashwin Sheth – Versatile Combination of all in one and is in English Teaching Profession since 2005.

Founder of SAFAL ACADEMY – Mr. Ashwin Sheth has done Research for 4 years and took 2 years to write down Novel Methodology. Research was on Why People/Students don’t learn Proper English even after studying for 5 to 15 years in schools & colleges and gets failed in using English in practical field. He has Penned Down Psychologically LATEST LEARING TECHNIC Wherein Explanation & Mastering an English Language is in a simple, Lucid manner with great ease is given and understandable to everyone in Gujarati & Hindi language. Set of 10 books. From very basics upto Professionalization. A Program which teaches A to Z in English Education – Practical and Professional English. Step by step learning process, which even NOVICE/RURAL people/students can understand easily and can learn it very well without any difficulty.

Nowadays, English Learning has become Basic skillfor everyone. To teach English, Our SPOKEN ENGLISH COURSE is designed on novel platform to enlighten your career/Future. It is combination of all. Learn English, Teach English, Earn Money, Get Employment, and Develop Franchise Network in your area, city, village and be Entrepreneur. It is of English Learning, Job ready, English Language Skill Development Programme and for Life enhancement. Our SEC is a must for all last year students at graduate/ Post Graduate level as it equips you to be successful in Campus Interview Placement with higher start ups. (Obviously Your GK plays Vital Role.) Lastly, our SEC is a never missing opportunity Programme. May be for higher jobs or may be for business.

Apart from above, I was ENGLISH EDITOR of Weekly Newspaper “Face of nation” which was published for first time in two language i.e. Gujarati and English to educate readers to understand articles in both languages which had become instant hit in market, to support my student Gujarati Press Reporter.

I have also translated a whole Gujarati book “SHRESHTH VAKTA BANO” into English “BE A BEST SPEAKER”



Our purpose is to make People/ students employable/ Job ready at far off places like remote villages via internet in 2-3 months Short time. Start earning 10/15 k from 4th month (both provided, interview skills to pass and international call service center practice). After learning, who wants income immediately without further Qualification (after 10th / 12th).

Even people who doesn’t have any education, they can be ready in English in 6 months for their daily usage of English. That is why we provide English education in mother & national tongue because every person is more familiar & comfortable in its own language.

Now Compare with above, routine education cost, its duration in years and initial earning. Think long years of puppet education which produces mass unemployment OR 2/3 months English Learning and Instant minimum earning avenues.


35+ Education Centers (mostly Computer Training Institutes) have used our study material to teach English to their students.



In coming decade or two, every Gujarati & others who wants to learn, should know English even at remote villages in India, sitting at home, ONLINE by E-Learning Process where there is no proper study material or Teacher / Faculty available.


ONLINE/OFFLINE Teaching, To open up NEW CETERS everywhere, Appointing Franchises, By learn & Earn Program, By People’s Participation, To Tie-up with educational Institutes etc.

To fulfill this mission, we have designed SEC in a simple way that even a person who knows little bit of English to read, to write, to speak, can do this business of teaching because there is scarcity of qualified facilities in our country in far off places. Our process is self working automated. Person as a faculty needs to explain & inspect only , for which training is provided. It is gaining popularity in villages.



Learn English as your Language skill Development and perfect it practically in professional way, So that every other skill/knowledge you want, is available FREE on INTERNET, take it and equip yourself for best earning opportunities in life. We are of opinion that you don’t insist for ENGLISH Medium Education, but prepare English as a subject very well perfectly just like Maths/Science for Higher Education, you are preparing.

Read Instructions Carefully
Please send us payment of INR 8000/- OR [US $ 500/- for abroad] as given below. Then we will send you Study Material [10 Books set] by post/courier within week after verification.
As soon as you receive the same, start learning by login on our website Click learning videos as per book serial number and start working in book as per instructions as given in video . After completing writing work , check your correct answers by clicking Answer Key and Confirm. If it is wrong then write down correct answer in book. If you have any query, please Contact us on phone from 8 am to 8 pm or you can senders email, we will reply you. Please note that this is 40 hours programs and validity of your registration is for 3 month from the date of first login on our website. 40 hours is for learning and it’s practice requires 400+ hours. Continuity of learning and practice for becoming perfect in English.

 Success Stories
Chetan Parekh:
I was graduated from Hindi Medium in UP shifted to Ahmedabad, aged 20 years, approached Ashwin Sir, and said that teach me that much English so that I can earn 2/3k per month instantly. He advised me to join SPOKEN ENGLISH COURSE and after joining, within next 15 days, I got first job of Rs. 4k where sir prepared me for an interview. After Completing SEC, I switched over to many jobs and did my MBA by Sir’s Advice and now my salary Package is 6 lakhs+ perks. When I started this course , I had no dream of big money because every graduate gets 5/7k job p.m. But after learning i gain immense confidence in me which took me to to higher level of income. i was inspired to do M.B.A. as my English improved a lot. Till date I am regularly visiting Ashwin sir,i received my new job on 26th march 2015 with my career's highest salary of Rs 8.5 lakhs p.a. How to move on in my career, i learnt from sir's guidance and help. Ashwin sir is mentor for my life.
Nisarg Shah
I am only 10th pass and Diploma in IT, Aged 20 Years and was working with salary of 4k p.m. as an apprentice in Pharma Industry, I attended Ashwin Sir’s Classes, for learning English, at finishing stage of Learning, I told my Job Problems and Sir told me not to worry, Search new one and let me know, I’ll prepare for an interview, accordingly I was selected in an another Pharma Co. at phenomenal rise of Rs. 1.5 lakhs+ perks and now switched over to third one , and now my salary is 2.4 lakhs+ perks. All Thanks to Ashwin Sir for right Guidance.
Himanshu Bhatt
I am highly qualified in Bio Mechanical Field aged 34 years and have decent job but was under depression for not having proper communication skills. I joined at Ashwin Sir’s SAFAL ACADEMY for honing my communication skill. He taught me how Corporate Communication is done Within Short time after learning all this, I was not only promoted but was also offered world tour for 10 days by my company. All this happened only because of Ashwin Sir, so my all compliments & Best wishes are for him.
Monika Agrawal
I was perusing CA< aged 21 years. Joined Ashwin Sir’s SEC and took benefit of his FREE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY and become ENTERPRENUER and has earned Rs 50k+ in a month. Now I am doing this business for full time and my present income is Rs. 80k approx. P.M. Thank you so much Sir, for showing me right path to earn huge amount.
Rajesh Maity
I am Bengali, aged 21 years only 12th pass moved to Ahmedabad with my Uncle, Who told me to learn English for getting job. I joined SAFAL ACADEMY, and learnt well enough so, later on made me Franchisee of SAFAL ACADEMY and I am easily earning Rs 30k to 50k PM. Without sir’s help, it might not have become possible. I am highly obliged to sir in all way. Whatever I am today is due to Sir in this unknown city.
Mrs. Shilpa Solanki
I am 43 years old married to NRI, I approached SAFAL ACADEMY to learn English and for VISA training to migrate. Now I am comfortable with English and my VISA interview was also successful and now I moved to USA. Ashwin Sir is a great man. I had health problem and was suffering from 20 years but sir gave me Aryuvedic Solution and within next 15 days, I started eating everything and I got biggest relief in my life, otherwise I had eating Phobia. I have not met another person like him who has every solutions of life.
Kirit Patel
I am 48 years old, Government Officer. I joined Ashwin Sir’s Special 10 Hours Programme only for English Speaking. During the programme I was so fascinated that later on I did complete course and now I am talking in English completely with great ease. Before joining class, I had no confidence in speaking English. Sir’s teaching style is unique and apart. I wish him best of luck and great success. I recommend SAFAL ACADEMY is best place to learn English. None can teach like him. In this institute, anybody can learn English easily and perfectly.