Why English is necessary for every one today?

There was article on first page of time of India on 5/1/2014. That those who knows English, earns 34% more income than others. Secondly they get more respect and become popular, who knows English. In today time’s special need is felt of English language in getting higher end good jobs, business, daily work, communication, commercial activities, higher education , news & Information, satellite navy, computer, Internet. Most importantly research matter which is published has been translated into English from regional languages world over and all these knowledge is available free on internet. And this knowledge is available in English only. As all books of knowledge and research are translated in English. English language has been accepted as world language in entire world. So world has become a village. More over English is the easiest and simple to learn. Now a day’s most of country English has been accepted as official language because English has become practical language.

As a Gujarati, I fully favor all mother tongue languages personally because since human being has born. Everyone knows mother tongue very well and understand it but today, if you want to live good live and want to go ahead and earn more than in forthcoming time, it has become necessary to get English knowledge for personal development. And to be in line with today’s world.

I believed that to study in English medium school/collage is not necessary and not possible for everyone but if you will learn and understand English has a subject then whole world doors will open for our personal development. Looking to your economic, social conditions if, if you are not in a position acquire education, it will do but now without knowledge of English it will not do. So take an oath to learn English from today. If you know English perfectly then you will able to get all required knowledge from everywhere.

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